Monday, March 27th, 2023

Palm Pixi is the Best Smartphone for College Students


There are many smartphones out there – iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry Curve, and T-Mobile G1. But for college students, Pixi is the best smartphone for college students in terms of price and usability.

If you already have an iPod, wouldn’t you think iPhone is a better choice? That’s understandable. A familiar interface is a good for a smooth transition. However, all smart phones are very self-intuitive to operate. Price wise, it still costs $200 with a contract.

Blackberry Curve is the least expensive model among all Blackberry phones with full QWERTY keyboard. However, data plan for Blackberry is generally more expensive than other smart phones.

You can forget about G1, it’s already outdated. There are tons of Android phones coming out in Q4.

Why do I think Palm Pixi is the best smart phone for college students? Touchscreen + Full QWERTY Keyboard + $0.00 out of pocket – getting all these already prove you are a smart student.

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