Monday, March 27th, 2023

Is Palm Pre Better than Palm Pixi


Both Palm Pixi and Palm Pre are using the same WebOS and the major different is the form factor. While the Pre has a bigger screen and slide-out keyboard, the Pixi phone has a slightly smaller screen estate but the keyboard is right below the screen. Sure the Pre costs at least $100 more than the Pixi. So, is Palm Pre better than Palm Pixi?

Palm Pixi will be carrying a much lower price tag it comes out later this year. Charging $199 after rebates, Palm Pre is obviously a more expensive phone and targets those who already used a smartphone before and would like to gain a better experience via WebOS. And for those who never use any smart phones like Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or Palm, which one would you choose, Pixi or Pre? What matter to you the most – price, size, or carrier?

I don’t think the Palm Pre is better than Palm Pixi, although the only difference is the design. In fact, like many of you I would love to use the QWERTY keyboard without having to slide it out every time I want to type something. The Pixi is still compact and thin and fits in any pocket or small purse. As for the Palm Pre, every time you need to text, email, or simply type something, you would have to pull out the keyboard, which makes the phone longer and something can be annoying. Everything else, I just can’t think of anything that you can do on the Pre that can’t be done on the Pixi.

My overall preference? Palm Pixi is actually better than the Pre – better design and better price. I especially like the none-hidden keyboard.

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