Monday, March 27th, 2023

It’s been a long wait for Verizon customers what want to get their hands on the latest WebOS phone. And the Palm Pixi is definitely coming to Verizon Wireless next year. Something that many of us have been wondering – does the Verizon Palm Pixi has Wi-Fi? Will use it a faster processor than the [...]

There are many smartphones out there – iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry Curve, and T-Mobile G1. But for college students, Pixi is the best smartphone for college students in terms of price and usability. If you already have an iPod, wouldn’t you think iPhone is a better choice? That’s understandable. A familiar interface is a good [...]

Both Palm Pixi and Palm Pre are using the same WebOS and the major different is the form factor. While the Pre has a bigger screen and slide-out keyboard, the Pixi phone has a slightly smaller screen estate but the keyboard is right below the screen. Sure the Pre costs at least $100 more than [...]